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At Healthier Money, we believe everyone should be able to live the financial like they deserve. Our professionals will help you create a plan to carry you into a Healthier financial future utilizing a variety of investment and insurance products and services.
Our Holistic approach addresses all of your financial and retirement goals.

We have seen the stats, 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  Student loans are the second largest debt behind home mortgages, and billions and billions of dollars are in some form of default.  50% of retirees have less than $25k saved for retirement, with 43% relying on social security for the sole source of income.  Finally, our national debt is growing faster than our GDP, so it begs the question of whats's going to happen in the near future?

The Government estimates that Medicare will be insolvent in 2026 and Social Security is right behind that at 2034.  Now, we have a real hard time believing that the Government is going to let this happen, but we also haven't even considered that the largest group of baby boomers retirees haven't even hit the system yet (those born in 1957 to 1962).  Something has to give, and we think it's TAXES!

EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE. That's where it really starts. we aren't out there spinning the same old story of buy and hold (we call it buy and pray), fee-based money management, or recommending proprietary products or some corporate mantra. By being independent, we have the luxury of putting our client's interests first and implementing a plan that fits those needs best. However, our beliefs and messaging may not resonate with everyone. We focus on reducing stock market risk, innovative ways to invest, protecting clients against the unexpected, and tax friendly solutions. Don't look to us to find the next Apple or Amazon, but our clients don't make phone calls to find out why their portfolios are down either. Through listening, educating, and striving to do our best, our clients appreciate our approach and are informed all along the way.

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Providing value, using innovative solutions and products, protecting against the unexpected, and specializing in tax friendly solutions. We educate and empower to make good decisions with their money... that's the Healthier Money way!
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