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Upside growth, downside protection.
We view annuities in a different light, because there are many opinions out there.

For a piece of the portfolio, annuities can offer some positives benefits to reducing losses from the stock market dropping, while still participating in some of the upside of the market.

There are also concerns that bonds have traditionally been pressured in a rising interest rate environment, which many professionals are forecasting in the future. Many investors use bonds to lower their portfolio volatility or to generate additional income, which can also be accomplished with annuities.

Annuities have an annual reset which means they begin each anniversary date with a neutral or increased value never going backwards or dropping due to interest rate fluctuations, and can even be "annuitized" if needed to provide a guaranteed lifetime income.

Finally, recent research suggested by industry heavyweights, such as Robert Shiller, Roger Ibbotson, and Wayne Pfau, have suggested that as much as a 60/40 blend between stocks and annuities have actually returned more over the longer term with reduced volatility.

We feel that used the right way, indexed annuities can be a nice alternative for risk adversed investors, portfolio diversification, upside growth potential, and increased investment flexibility.

There are many things to consider, but with the proper education and understanding, annuities can provide terrific value!
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