Life Insurance

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Protect your life, protect your money.
In a recent Foresters Financial study, over 84% of Americans feel that having life insurance is important, yet only a little over half have any coverage.

Yet, 33% of Americans expressed that losing a bread winner would wipe them out. Plus, 67% of bankruptcies were caused by unexpected medical expenses.

However, getting life insurance seems to be as much fun as getting a root canal, very unpleasant! Most concerning is life insurance seems to be about getting the lowest price, or buying only term. Yet, industry statistics show that only 1% of term policies ever pay-out!

We are committed to educating people about the many ways you can use life insurance, the tax benefits, and different strategies available.

It can be used to build a TAX-FREE retirement. It can also be used for living benefits that give you access to money to pay your medical bills while you are alive, changing the way people use life insurance.

Our belief is that when a policy is designed right, provides you the most peace of mind, protects your family, your dreams, your business, and your legacy, it can be a very powerful tool.

Too much is written about life insurance that paints the wrong picture. Find life insurance that is truly that, life, not death insurance.
Live Long and Profit
Providing value, using innovative solutions and products, protecting against the unexpected, and specializing in tax friendly solutions. We educate and empower to make good decisions with their money... that's the Healthier Money way!
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