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Much has been written about premium finance life insurance over the years and how it's been usually reserved as a planning technique for the ultra wealthy.

In essence, an investor finances the insurance premiums using a bank loan, pledging collateral, and then pays an "interest" payment on a commercial loan.

This technique allows individuals not to have to pay larger life insurance premiums, thus keeping their monies invested in other places with potentially higher rates of returns, or lack liquidity, such as real estate, business interests, the markets, etc.

At its core, premium financing is about the flexibility for maintaining current cash flow, and taking advantage of lower interest rate loans to pay the life insurance premiums.

We have a unique program called the "small case" platform or the New I.R.A. (Insured Retirement Advantage), which takes the premium finance life insurance and makes hard working middle income Americans eligible to utilize this unique investment strategy.

Imagine diversifying your current retirement planning to include a technique that allows you to potentially fund a TAX-FREE retirement, or a business to implement a succession plan.

This concept can be used for deferred comp, key person, employee retention, and split dollar programs. Additionally, it is creditor and bankruptcy protected, while creating significant tax benefits.

Finally, we can structure this to include critical and chronic living benefits protection, which gives clients access to a portion of the death benefit to pay bills associated with many illnesses, injuries, or long term care type loss of daily living activities. Like any investment, we spend time educating our clients and establishing there is a need for life insurance.

We believe this program can be an exciting piece in many people's portfolio's that uses an approach that has been around for years.
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