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As an independent firm our only agenda is doing whats best for our clients. Because doing the right thing, is always the right thing.
According to an AARP study, Americans need on average $1.18 million saved to support a 30-year retirement.

Fidelity estimates that people need $285,000 saved for healthcare costs during retirement.

Being prepared for retirement is absolutely crucial, and it's imperative to start saving now, also remembering it's not to late to start!

However, when you consider that as many as 42% of retirees are retiring broke, and a population that is aging rapidly, we have a retirement crisis. Social Security and Medicare are already strained and our deficit is soaring. We believe that something has to give, and that higher taxes are inevitable. "It's what you keep" that is going to be vital to your success.

We are specialists in finding innovative ways to encourage people to save, maximize their retirement money, or protect what they have. We also believe having tax friendly alternatives is one of the best ways to protect against taxes potentially going up.

Additionally, we are challenging some of the "conventional" way people are saving or deferring for the future.

You need to be prepared to weather the unpredictable by exploring different alternatives, which is why we believe our story is unique and helps people live a healthier (and ultimately happier and more enjoyable) financial retirement.

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Providing value, using innovative solutions and products, protecting against the unexpected, and specializing in tax friendly solutions. We educate and empower to make good decisions with their money... that's the Healthier Money way!
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